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      The International Conference on Stochastic Analysis and Related Topics will be held at the School of Mathematics and Statistics of Wuhan University from August 3 to August 8, 2015. This conference is sponsored by NNSFC of China and Collaborative Innovation Center of Mathematics, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Wuhan University. The conference aims at bringing together experts in the fields of stochastic analysis and related topics from China and other countries, in the hope of fostering close collaborations among mathematicians from these countries. If you have any queries about this conference, please contact with Prof. Xicheng Zhang, whose Email address is: XichengZhang@gmail.com, and Tel: +86-15327260465.

Scientific Committee                                                

        Zhiming Ma (co-chair)                  Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

        Zhenqing Chen (co-chair)             University of Washington (Seattle), US

        Michael Rockner                          Bielefeld Univeristy, Germany

        Fuzhou Gong                                Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

        Xicheng Zhang                              Wuhan University, China

Organizing Committee

        Hua Chen (chair)                        Wuhan University, China

        Huijiang Zhao                             Wuhan University, China

        Yijun Hu                                     Wuhan University, China

        Fuqing Gao                                 Wuhan University, China

        Xicheng Zhang                            Wuhan University, China                     Top









Invited Participants (Confirmed and To be added later)

Lubomir Banas Bielefeld University, GERMANY Yong Liu Peking University, CHINA
Chuanzhong Chen Hainan Normal University, CHINA Zhiming Ma Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA
Dayue Chen Peking University, CHINA Shige Peng Shandong University, CHINA
Mufa Chen Beijing Normal University, CHINA Nicolas Privault Nanyang Technological University, SIGAPORE
Zhenqing Chen University of Washington (Seattle), US Michael Rockner Bielefeld University, GERMANY
Tzuu-Shuh Chiang Academia Sinica, Taiwan Jiagang Ren Sun Yat-Sen Univerisity, CHINA
Zhao Dong Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA David Siska University of Edinburgh,UK
Jinqiao Duan Illinois Institute of Technology, US Renming Song University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
Beniamin Goldys The University of Sydney, AUSTRALIA Masayoshi Takeda Tohoku University, JAPAN
Fuzhou Gong Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA Shanjian Tang Fudan University, CHINA
Martin Hairer The University of Warwick, UK Yiming, Xiao Michigan State University, US
Masanori Hino Osaka University, JAPAN Yingchao Xie Jiangsu Normal University, CHINA
Elton Hsu Northwestern University, US Fengyu Wang Beijing Normal University, CHINA
Yaozhong Hu University of Kansas, US Yongjin Wang Nankai University, CHINA
Moritz Kassmann Bielefeld University, GERMANY Jianglun Wu Swansea University, UK
Kyeonghun Kim Korea University, KOREA Liming Wu Blaise Pascal University, FRANCE
Panki Kim Seoul National University, KOREA Jie Xiong The University of Macau, Macau
Seiichiro Kusuoka Tohoku University, JAPAN Jia'an Yan Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA
Takashi Kumagai Kyoto University, JAPAN Litan Yan Donghua University, CHINA
Xiangdong Li Chinese Academy of Sciences, CHINA Jiongmin Yong University of Central Florida, US
Xuemei Li The University of Warwick, UK Tusheng Zhang University of Manchester, UK
Zenghu Li Beijing Normal University, CHINA Xu Zhang Sichuan University, CHINA

Important Date




Coming soon.



Hotel Information

The hotel reserved for the participants of this conference is Hongyi Hotel ( Wuhan University International Academic Communication Center) located at Donghu Road. The walking distance from the hotel to the School of Mathematics and Statistics is about 30 minutes. More information about the hotel can be found here.

Local Information

We will arrange transfer from Tianhe International Airport to Hongyi Hotel on August 2, 2015. For those who miss our pick-up, please take a taxi (about 100Yuan)  or take first the Airport Shuttle Bus to Fu-Jia-Po Bus Station, then a taxi (about 10 Yuan) to Hongyi Hotel.

Take the Bus 577/805 to Zhongnan Road Station or taxi (about 15 Yuan)

Take the Bus 411 to the Zhongnan Hospital Station or taxi (about 50 Yuan)

Take the Bus 519 to the final station or taxi (about 30 Yuan)                                                                                                                                                                          Top

Travel Information

Tour Information

Here is a short introduction about the Shennongjia Nature Reserve for the participants who want to go there by themselves.

    Shennongjia Nature Reserve, located in Hubei province, was established in 1982 and was upgraded to be a state-level nature reserve in the category of forest and wild animals in 1986. Occupying a total area of 70,467 hectares, the reserve represents to us a sight of ancient times with its unique terrain. There are more than 1,000 species of trees, including trees dated back to the 3rd century A.D.. Among the 570 kinds of wild animals, there are also rare albino species. Shennongjia nature reserve was listed as a member of the Word`s Protection Circle of Human and Animals by UNESCO in 1990,  and was approved by world wildlife Foundation in 1995 to be the Model of Biodiversity Protection. What is most intriguing to people is that it is said more than 200 people have witnessed uncivilized man in the forest, which adds more mystery to this area.                                                                                                                                                                                     Top 

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